Chapter 223: Chapter 223

The monster’s eyes opened more extensive. ‘Something’ was gradually ascending from that faltering shade of a tree.

‘Is that the human… ?’

Or on the other hand, was it the genuine Shadow Sovereign?

It couldn’t exactly sort out the genuine personality of its adversary yet. Nonetheless, the presence of the adversary every one of the five feelings of the monster had gotten were indistinguishable from that of the one who pushed it to the edge of the precipice such an extremely long time back.

Didn’t make any difference what his character was, this man currently had the ideal, complete force of the Shadow Sovereign.

‘He pursued me right to here?!’

The dread of death apparently had attacked profound into the monster’s bone marrows, and subsequently, the animal shuddered enormously in unadulterated dread.

Also when Jin-Woo’s whole edge totally arose once again into the world…

Snarl… .

One of the savage monsters exposed its teeth to compromise Jin-Woo to secure its lord before rapidly running forward. This beast, albeit ostensibly cat apparently, had three red eyes. It was likewise known to be quite possibly the most ridiculously horrendous creature even in the Chaos World.


The beast opened its jaw wide to uncover many blade like teeth that briskly mirrored the light.

Jin-Woo unbiasedly gazed at the hunter running towards him. It appeared to have as much wizardry energy as a manager from a position S prison. Assuming it was before, even he’d need to focus, yet presently, it didn’t represent any danger at all.

Yet, before that…


Indeed, even before he could settle on what to do straightaway, the savage monster unexpectedly lost its head and its four appendages hang to the cold earth.

The offender was in all honesty the Sovereign of Beastly Fangs. It jumped in a moment and obliterated the savage monster’s head. Then, at that point, it immediately separated its clench hand adhered profoundly to the ground.

‘For what reason did he kill his own trooper… ?’

At the point when Jin-Woo gazed at it with bewildered eyes, the Sovereign of Beastly Fangs got low to the floor and bowed its head. And afterward, words expressed with a shaking voice spilled out from its mouth presently confronting the ground.

[Goodness, Shadow Sovereign, this King of Beasts doesn’t wish to go into a contention with you. I implore that you pardon this present one’s offenses and acknowledge me as your ally.]

This was the nature of a creature in full showcase. When looking against an adversary that couldn’t be bested and furthermore, getting away from it was unthinkable, then, at that point, one should bow one’s head.

The monster’s impulses were unequivocally suggesting this game-plan. Since the Sovereign of Beastly Fangs had the attributes of a wild creature, it promptly disposed of its poise and pride to remain faithful to the requests made by its impulses.

[Not very long from now, the Dragon Emperor will lead his military to slip on this land. During that time, my monster armed force and I will help you in your quest.]

The monster had accepted the most docile stance it could.

Cry… Whimper… ..

The savage monsters behind the Sovereign were totally frozen firm in their dread and had gotten a hole, wetting the ground with their p*ss.

To these wild, untamed animals that lived for their own proceeded with endurance, the air of death strolling nearer and nearer was the most unnerving thing possible.

Jin-Woo momentarily noticed the King of the Beasts and its brought down tail prior to thinking of an answer.


The Sovereign of Beastly Fangs was feeling truly anxious, however after hearing that simple reply, it started grinning deep down. Also that grin before long crawled up all over coordinated to the floor, too.

What a silly man!

‘That b*stard isn’t the genuine article.’

The genuine Shadow Sovereign could never pardon the person who had double-crossed him once previously, and not to neglect, somebody who attempted to dispose of the vessel ready for his plunge to this world.

On account of this present human’s thoughtfulness and idiocy, the monster had the option to delay.

How is it that it could submit to this present man’s words when this human, no, this prey was occupied with discharging a luscious aroma blended in among that of the genuine Shadow Sovereign’s?

To be sure, all it needed to do was to imagine as though it was on the Shadow Sovereign’s side and delay until the Sovereign of Destruction’s appearance.

‘At the point when the opportunity arrives, I will by and by tear your body separated and chew on your bones.’

Anyway, how should the monster not break out in grins at this moment? With a splendid face, the Sovereign of Beastly Fangs raised its head once more.

[I swear my dependability to… ..]

As it did, it ran straight into the chilling glare, as downright frigid, and jumped back extraordinarily from sheer dismay. Actually, the degree of alarm it felt was extraordinary to the point that it had jumped back many meters in one go.

Jin-Woo icily tended to the monster and its pale appearance.

“Before we do that, however, we should settle our obligation first.”

The monster crushed out certain words with a solidified articulation.

[Obligation? Could you talk about the past… .??]

Before, the Sovereigns of White Flames and Beastly Fangs attempted to betray the Shadow Sovereign. Jin-Woo had seen that foul play through the memory of the previous Shadow Sovereign. Notwithstanding, that had no pertinence to what Jin-Woo was going to do at this moment.

From the subspace that the System assigned as ‘Stock’, he extricated one Kamish’s Wrath.

Shururuk… .

While getting a handle on the sharp edge firmly with one hand, Jin-Woo highlighted five spots in his chest with his thumb on the free hand.

“Five injuries where hooks have punctured past.”

The appalling aggravation from that second was as yet clear in Jin-Woo’s psyche.

“Withstand five assaults from me, and I will pardon you.”

That was exactly the same thing as advising the monster to endure five deadly assaults.

It was now that the monster at long last understood that Jin-Woo never intended to release it from the start. The Sovereign of Beastly Fangs thundered out in a last demonstration of its pride.

[You dare… !! How could you play with me, the King of Beasts!!]

The Sovereign of Beastly Fangs initiated Spiritual Body Manifestation and quickly changed into a colossal wolf. In spite of the fact that, it was superlatively more modest than the one from the Shadow Sovereign’s recollections, maybe attributable to the way that this wasn’t the animal’s unique world. In any case, the King of Beasts employed sufficient ability to annihilate this world to say the very least.

Presently completely irritated, the monster wolf boisterously cried at the Shadow Sovereign.

[My life will end here today, however you also will not live for long!]


It was correct then, at that point, a strand of chilling breeze brushed past the essence of the colossal wolf. Looking for the presence of Jin-Woo that had essentially evaporated from its view, the animal immediately investigated.

Also that is the place where he was, having moved there before the wolf had seen it. He gradually turned around to confront the beast.

“The initially hit.”

The wolf then, at that point, saw it.

It saw the sickening dark quality ascending from Jin-Woo’s whole body. This person, he wasn’t the phony. His developments totally paired that of the Shadow Sovereign.


Unbeknownst to itself, the wolf gulped back its dry salivation.

However at that point… .

With a perceptible ‘thud’, something tumbled to the ground.

Briefly there, the wolf failed to remember what sort of a beast was remaining before its eyes and brought down its look. What tumbled to the ground was an immense ear.

The wolf’s ear, cut off from its head, presently lay on the ground close to its own feet like a terrible thing of carnage. And afterward, blood burst out like a wellspring. What visited after all of that was deplorably barbarous torment.

The wolf gritted its teeth and raised its head back up and found that Jin-Woo was holding one more shortsword.

One weapon in every one of his hands.

Jin-Woo held the pair of ‘Kamish’s Wraths’ overflowing out dark atmosphere and conveyed his last judgment on the monster wolf.

“Four all the more left.”


In a real sense, foes on all sides.

After Jin-Woo vanished from the scene, the Sovereign of Frost was left trapped in two difficult situations. It’d be intelligent to get away in the event that there was no possibility of triumph. However at that point, the look of the old Ice Elf arrived on the two Marshal-grade warriors having a place with the Shadow Sovereign.

‘Disregarding the insect b*stard occupied with treating that human manikin of the Rulers, this… .’

The leftover one was an immense issue.

It was as a matter of fact Igrit, likewise alluded to as one of the two wings of the Shadow Army, who was watching out for the Sovereign at the present time.

This dark knight’s epithet was the ‘Knight of Death’. He was the best knight there at any point was, going with the Shadow Sovereign to take part in numerous front lines and killing endless adversaries simultaneously.

One of the rivals that should have been looked out for was standing directly before the Ice Elf.

‘However at that point once more… .’

The old animal was not some measly little warrior, but rather a Sovereign. Assuming it battled with all that it had, then, at that point, cutting down two Marshal-grade warriors wouldn’t be super hard.

No, the genuine issue was with these two having eternality like capacities. They would keep on recovering limitlessly until the Shadow Sovereign ran out of his power.

This was downright terrible information, taking into account that the Sovereign of Frost needed to squander a ton of its endurance by enacting its Spiritual Body Manifestation.

What’s more, assuming it chose to assault these two warriors, then, at that point, their lord would be made aware of its activities. All Shadow Soldiers were associated with the Shadow Sovereign. Regardless of whether one prevailed with regards to overcoming the Marshal-grade fighters, that would just serve to bring their lord here.

That must be forestalled at all expense.

‘That is the reason… .’

The Sovereign of Frost twirled around to rapidly produce a Gate to work with its getaway.

Wash !

However at that point, Igrit showed up all of a sudden to hinder the