Solo leveling light novel (I Alone Level-Up) Chapter 169

“It’s Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim.”

Hunters of the world got to hear the voice of the Association President, Goh Gun-Hui. Some through the breaking news coverage, some
through being contacted by someone else, and some through video file sharing sites.

And their reactions were almost identical.

– He wants to go to Japan in such times?

– What is he thinking?

These Hunters also knew.

They knew that it’d be difficult to imagine just how grand the Japanese government’s financial reward be like if they managed to put out the
urgent fire burning down their country right now.

However, no sane-minded governments out there would want to throw their top-ranked Hunters into a crisis of an unprecedented scale like
this one.

The lessons learned from subjugating the monster of the rank S Gate, ‘Kamish’, the creature that managed to decrease the number of top
Hunters in the world by a great deal, had made the Hunter communities rather closed and uncooperative in nature.

So, the current situation was, no one could go even if they wanted to. But then again, who’d actually want to go even if they were allowed
in the first place?

“It’s just sheer madness.”

Rank S Hunters possessing American citizenship had begun gathering in the most luxurious hotel in the State of Maryland by the time
news broke from South Korea and indeed, they all got to hear it.

Most of them had received a boost to their abilities through the power of ‘Upgrader’, Madam Selner.
It wouldn’t be much of a stretch of one’s imagination to call this gathering as the world’s greatest armed force.

And, it was precisely a gathering of such individuals that they could simply laugh off the story of some nameless Hunter living in a small
Asian nation.

“It hasn’t been long since his Re-Awakening, and he’s already drunk with his own powers.”

“That idiot, maybe he thinks fighting some measly bugs is the same as fighting against Giant monsters?”

“A Hunter who overestimates his ability will die 100% of the time. Who knew that the fame he got from killing the ants would end up
shortening his life. How ironic.”

All these people had seen Jin-Woo’s brilliant performance in Jeju Island.

The power ‘Seong Jin-Woo’ possessed was certainly quite strong. However, the race of Giants was a whole different ball game.

Ants pushed forward with their overwhelming advantage in numbers, and that was why his ability to summon out countless creatures
worked so well against them.

Even if he was physically strong, could he be able to fight alone against the Giant monsters, each one of them powerful enough to appear
as bosses of the hardest difficulty dungeons found in the rank A Gates?

Besides, what about the boss-level Giant that used some truly astonishing agility to snatch up Yuri Orlov? That movement reminded one of
a wild beast, not a humanoid creature. go next to show second party