Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 86 Volume 11

Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 86 Volume 11

v11 epilogue


It was morning when Enri woke up. She quietly left the bed, so as not to wake her husband who was still asleep beside her. The air outside was very cold, and it made her want to get back into the bed that was still warm from their two bodies.

The bed creaked as she rose, but her husband of half a year was too tired to react. He slept like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

Now that Enri managed his life for him, he kept a more regular schedule. Thus, his deep slumber was simply because that was the way he was.

…Although it didn’t use to be like this.

When they had just gotten married, he had not slept this soundly.

Maybe he was nervous… But now he’s used to it, so that’s good.

Enri yawned and stretched.

Her bare breasts jiggled.

Enri’s face flushed pink, and she reached for a piece of discarded clothing.

Granted, only Enri and her husband lived in this house, but this was hardly presentable.

If her little sister Nemu were here, she would definitely not be dressed like this. However, Nemu would not wake up here — in the Emmott house — but in the Bareare house.

Let’s not disturb the newlyweds, her mother-in-law Lizzie had said. Nemu had listened because they had decided not to rebuild the Emmott or Bareare houses. And so, this had happened.

It had been two years since the incident where they had lost both their parents. That said, Nemu was still scarred by the incident and was unwilling to leave her big sister at night. It was only by the grace of some unknowable instinct that she had managed to accept the new arrangement.

Since Enri lived in a farming village, she often saw animals engaging in those activities. She might also have heard about what young couples did when they vanished into the forest after leaving the dancing circle on harvest festival nights. Before she realised it, she had also learned what husbands and wives did at night.