Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 78 Volume 10

Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 78 Volume 10

Overlord Volume 10 Afterword

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Translator: Nigel

Editors/Proofreaders: M


“A man should not give excuses”. I heard these words once, I will not say anything. However, please allow me to say one thing — if my memory serves me correctly, the current date should be 17th month of 2015, right?

Also, I recall hearing someone say, “Prearrangements are not fixed, thus they aren’t the same as the final outcome”. Ah, what a charming phrase! How full of romance it is!

…I’m very sorry.

Volume 11 will not be like this one. There is no intention of making you wait, so I hope everyone can find it in themselves to forgive me. Also, the next volume is — well, anyone who’s read all the way to the end, it can’t be helped if it’s written down.. In addition, volume 11 will feature a much-awaited special edition. Anyone who’s seen the anime will understand. It’s a new 30 minute-long episode of Pure Pure Pleiades, isn’t that surprising?!

Then, how do you feel after reading Volume 10, everyone?

How different is running a country from running an organization?

Ainz started from his interests, but how would you all do it? Maruyama is very interested in the answer. If it were me, I would do this. If it were me, I would do that. I would be very glad to hear everyone’s opinions on that matter.

And if it should turn out that someone created another work based on this, or even another original light novel, I would be even more delighted. Because in truth, that’s Maruyama for you.

And then, you already know of the popularity poll from the tail end of the book. Please tell me the characters you like best. Unlike ordinary popularity polls, the fact that the first place is already decided is something which has never been seen before.

I won’t give extra appearances to unexpectedly popular characters. This is simply to see which characters everyone likes best.

Next, the people I want to thank:

Sorry for ruining your schedule, so-bin-sama. Thank you very much for this.

My sincere thanks to Ohaku-sama the proofreader, the designers, Chord Design Studio-sama and the editor, F-da-sama. Also to honey, my friend from my student days, thank you as always.

Most importantly, thank you to all you readers out there. The story is now completely divorced from the WN, so I would be very happy if you liked it.


Maruyama Kugane