Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 7

Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 7 Overlord Volume 1 Afterword

Pleased to meet you, dear readers who are reading the afterword.

I am the author, Maruyama.

This work is a revision of the web novel version of Overlord, with new characters as well as lots of new and edited content.

If you have already bought this book, I am glad.

If you are browsing this book, I will use my psychic powers to make you bring it to the counter and pay for it. Muuun~

The main character of this book is a skeletal magician who leads a vast evil organization, and he is meant to feel like the final boss of a game. Because of that, those readers who don’t believe in saving people without a reward (as is common in LNs or anime) and put themselves first will enjoy this book.

Apart from that, while this work has already been on the net for a long time, an important new character was added during the novelization. I would be very happy if everyone were to come to like her.

The truth is that I have never written an afterword before. Therefore, allow me to express my sincere thanks next:

I am especially grateful to my editor, F-da, whom I gave a lot of trouble, as well as so-bin-sama, who drew these beautiful insert pictures.

In addition, I must thank Chord Design Studio, who made this beautiful cover page, as well as Ohaku-sama, who helped correct and revise many things. Thank you very much.

In addition, I wish to thank the readers of the WN version who gave me their thoughts and who were willing to read this. Without you readers who found the WN interesting, it could not possibly have been novelized.

I also want to thank my university friend Honey, who helped me correct many contradictory and confusing parts of the book. I will need your help in the future as well. Finally, I wish to thank the readers who purchased this book. I would be very proud if you find Overlord interesting.

Incidentally, I plan to correct and add more scenes and content to Volume 2. It feels like I’m writing a new work, so I can’t help but cry and complain about the lack of time.

I would like it if you could support Volume 2 as well.

Then, the afterword will end here.

I am extremely grateful to all of you. If you can continue to support me, I would be overjoyed.

See you again.

FIN Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 7