Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 69 Volume 9

Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 69 Volume 9

Volume 9 Afterword

Thanks to everybody who bought Volume 9. For some reason, it became another big and heavy volume.

When I first started writing this, I asked the editor “Since there’s not much to write for this volume, I should be able to wrap it up in around 200 pages, right?”. But when I received the printed volume, I wondered “Why is it so thick?”

It is a mystery.

It’s really strange. Where did the extra 200 pages come from?

Still, I want to try finishing a volume that’s around 300 pages long, and not 300 pages each for just Part 1 and Part 2.

Either way, I don’t know what happened, but the developments in the next volume will be completely different from the web novel, which makes me kind of nervous. Still, I hope everyone will enjoy it. I’m going to say up front that Volume 10 will be 300 pages long.

Speaking of which, last week, the “Overlord” manga drawn by Miyama Fugin-sensei went on sale. This week, Volume 9 of the light novel came out, and next week will be the start of the Overlord animation broadcast. These 3 weeks will be full of Overlord.

We produced something great thanks to the help of everyone working on it. (Especially So-bin sama… He has so much work to do, it makes me tear up everytime I think about it. It’s like… well, sometimes I feel like I’m giving myself a hard time). I hope you all can enjoy the manga, the novel and the anime.

And now for, the usual acknowledgements.

Thank you very much to So-bin-sama, for his amazing illustrations and working on the animation and manga with all his soul.

The designer, Chord Design Studio not only worked on the light novel, but on the Overlord animation’s logo as well. The anime logo is cool and amazing. Murata-sama, who worked hard for drawing out the map. Ohaku-sama and Itou-sama edit and performed detailed checks, so thank you as well. I’m gratefulto  everybody who worked hard to help me make this thick volume, but to F-da-sama who doesn’t think Overlord is very thick compared to other books he’s in charge of, thank you as well. And to Hani who, as a father, said “children are amazing” at the scene with Marquis Raeven, thank you very much, as always.

Although I can’t fit everyone in here, I thank everyone who took part in not just the novel, but in manga and Overlord animation as well!

And of course, my greatest thanks goes to those readers who have followed all of the volumes.

2015 June

Maruyama Kugane