Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 55 Volume 7

Overlord Volume 7 Afterword Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 55 Volume 7

Seven months have passed since Volume 6 was published. Long time no see, I am Maruyama.

By the time this volume is published, it will be the end of August, when summer is at its peak. When Maruyama was young, I felt the heat receding when September came along, but that isn’t so right now, it still feels hot even in mid-September. Those are just my memories from when I was young, it would be strange if nothing had changed at all.

Thanks to the extra layer of clothing Maruyama wears compared to normal people, known as fat,, I once again affirm that I hate summer. I spend most of my time in an air-conditioned room in order to cool the computers down, but I still sweat a lot when I travel to my company. The smell of my swear overwhelms my cologne; this is terrible.

That’s how hot it is. Will the people who see the obi on the book shout “Fuwah!” in amazement? They might think, this must be an illusion caused by the heat of the summer or something.

However, this is the truth!

Even Maruyama shrieked “Are you for real!” as the project progressed.

Overlord is getting an anime!!

I will work hard in order to produce good work; please look forward to it!

Now then, I will endure my stomach pain as I express my gratitude.

This time round, it is an honor for the history of lightnovels to have So-bin-sama provide his unbelievable book illustrations. You really did your best. That’s how Maruyama feels, and I’m sure the readers are grateful too! Let’s eat out together next time! To Chord Design Studio-sama, thank you very much for doing the design as always. To the proofreader Ohaku-sama, thank you for your pointers as always.

Also, thanks to the editor, F-da-sama, who firmly corrected the half-hearted Maruyama and recommended Kyouhoku for the illustrations without hesitation. Please don’t push yourself and work in moderation.

Thank you very much, everyone who assisted in the production of Overlord. In addition, thank you for everything you’ve done, Honey.

And finally, thank you dear readers for purchasing my book!

fin Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 55 Volume 7