Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 47 Volume 6

Overlord Volume 6 Afterword Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 47 Volume 6

Things have gotten from bad to worse in various ways in Volume 6. How did you feel about it, dear readers?

From the author Maruyama’s point of view, this is the sort of thing which suits Overlord. I would be happy if everyone felt the same way. After all, the average light novel protagonist would never act like this.

The foreshadowing for these events began several volumes ago, and now I can proudly say, “I had all that in mind since back then”, and show off. However, if the setup is too obvious, people will see it coming… which is quite challenging. I think the hardest thing to understand is the diary, which the main character mentioned in volume 2. Given the objective of the attacker, there was no real need to look through it, but then again, the attacker back then was really over-the-top. So being a little overboard when looking through it wouldn’t be strange, right? However, there was not much searching done. Almost as though someone knew exactly where the thing was… how sneaky.

Therefore, after you’ve read this story, you might find some surprising discoveries if you reread the previous few volumes.

On the topic of the characters Evileye is most definitely the MVP of Volumes 5 and 6. However, I personally like the thief who was named right at the end. Those readers who think, “ah, it’s good to be young” should be able to understand how I feel.

And that’s how it is; thank you for enjoying the past few volumes. I’m very interested in knowing how you feel about this. While I feel bad about making you pay for postage, I would be very happy to hear your feedback.

Now then, I shall thank the following people.

So-bin-sama, F-da-sama, Ohaku-sama, Chord Design Studio, and everyone who helped make Overlord; thank you very much. Also, thanks for all your help, Honey.

And finally, thank you to all the readers who bought this book. Thank you very much!

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