Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 38 Volume 5

Overlord Volume 5 Afterword Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 38 Volume 5

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This is the author, Maruyama Kugane. Overlord has reached its 5th volume in the blink of an eye. Please allow me to thank everyone who has supported this series. Thank you very much.

Speaking of which, since Volumes 5 and 6 are going to be linked, I was wondering, “do I need an afterword?” I discussed it with Editor-san and in the end Editor-san said that some readers would look forward to it, so I should probably write one… But does anyone really look forward to the afterword? Are afterwords really that interesting…? Hm, so does Editor-san mean that I should force myself to write something interesting?

Something interesting… Well, in order to handle the myriad issues that have cropped up for volumes 5 and 6, I spent all my days off between August to the end of November at home in order to rush out the book… that’s all I have.

Also, since volume 6 includes a Drama CD like volume 4, time is even tighter than normal. It’s a really breakneck pace…

But that’s a part-time writer for you!

Hm. It’s… not interesting at all. I’m ruining everyone’s hopes and dreams, I know.

Then, let’s change the topic.

The WN version of Overlord is also updating, but volume 6 is going to be 90% new content.

Initially, I focused on adding new elements when rewriting the WN chapters for release. You will see this in the next volume.

The manuscript is already complete, so if nothing crops up, it ought to come out for sale in January 2014. I hope we can meet again in that volume’s afterword.

Now then, the thanks.

So-bin-sama, who does illustrations for the books, Chord Design Studio, which does the book design, Ohaku-sama, who does proofreading, F-da-sama, the Editor, as well as everyone who helped to make Overlord — thank you, everyone. Also, thank you for all your help, Honey.

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