Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 31 Volume 4

Overlord Volume 4 Afterword Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 31 Volume 4

I trust nobody here has started reading from this volume. Therefore — it’s been a while, I’m Maruyama Kugane.

Then, like I mentioned in the previous volume’s afterword, this volume is quite unique for a light novel, being entirely about the Lizardmen. That’s pretty rare among light novels, right? Then again, perhaps I’m just ignorant, but I have the feeling that very few light novels write about the main character launching a one-sided attack on a peaceful village.

How did you find this volume, everyone?

I suppose opinions will tend towards two extremes. However, in future volumes, it is very likely that scenes of the strong trampling the weak will show up.

The main character of Overlord is not someone who only deals with problems and situations that he sees. He is the kind of person who takes action to achieve his own aims and to reap benefits for himself. In other words, he is not the type who only goes to rescue the female lead when he hears that she’s in trouble, but he is the carnivorous type who goes out and finds the female lead when she’s in a fix… wait, that sounds kind of wrong.

Therefore, as you who play strategy games may know, the easiest way of achieving Ainz’s aim of amassing military might is not to challenge the strong, but to subdue the weak to bulk up one’s forces.

Therefore, I wanted to write this story from the less commonly-seen perspective of the invader, as opposed to the more common point of view of the invaded party. That said, a back and forth slugging match hardly counts as an invasion.

Next, I shall express my thanks.

So-bin-sama, your Crusch drawing was adorable and made me very excited. Chord Design Studio, your design of the cover, the spine, and the poster was really cool. Ohaku-sama, you are always meticulous in your proofreading. And then there is my editor F-da-sama, who has assisted me in many ways.

Thank you all.

Honey, thank you for the edits and I am grateful for all the cracks you made. Cleaning up really is troublesome.

Also, my deepest and sincerest thanks goes out to all your readers who bought this book. Thank you very much.

Then, I hope we’ll be able to meet in the next volume.

See you.

As an aside, I have been looking for a way to put “death” into a chapter title in every book, but I’m starting to run out of ideas, so I will probably stop doing so from the next volume onwards. It was just amusement on my part, so missing it will not cause any problems… however, things will be difficult if there are no tasteful names in this part! Sadness.

Fin Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 31 Volume 4