Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 22 Volume 3

Overlord Volume 3 Afterword Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 22 Volume 3

It’s been about four months since the previous volume, and I’m glad I could speak with everyone again. I am the author, Maruyama Kugane.

How did everyone find “Overlord 3 – The Bloody Valkyrie?” I would be glad if you enjoyed it.

Still, how shall I continue writing from now on? That same question comes up every time. My experiences are largely limited to the company and my home, so I’m not confident of writing anything interesting. Thus, I shall disclose my schedule for the past four months.

First, I spent about a month writing the manuscript, then handed it to the editor-sama for checking. Then the corrected manuscript came back to me for further changes. This process took about a month to complete.

The manuscript then went to Proofreader-san, who bullies me~ But after his feedback and my corrections to the manuscript, which last about one and a half months, the work is finally complete.

In this way, it took a total of about three months or so to write “The Bloody Valkyrie”.

There’s about a month of free time between the completion of the manuscript and publishing. I divide this time by four and spent it updating the WN version every month.

My work at my company is very relaxed, so I can come home early. I could actually force myself to proofread too, but people who need to come back late every night end up sleeping less, so they won’t even get that month of free time. It’s rough for them.

…Although, how on earth do those authors put out a new book every three months? Someone, please teach me how they do it.

Then, I shall express my thanks next.

Thank you very much to so-bin-sama, the people of Chord Design Studio, Ohaku-sama, and F-da-sama. Without your support, this work would not have been possible.

Honey, thanks for your feedback. I changed it immediately.

And also, to all those of you who bought this book, thank you very much. If you have any opinions or feedback, you can use a postcard (you’ll need to pay postage yourself, sorry about that), or you can just write on the website if you’re a WN reader. I will be very grateful.

Fin Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 22 Volume 3