Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 14 Volume 2

Overlord Volume 2 Afterword Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 14 Volume 2


Greetings, dear readers, it’s been a while. This is Maruyama Kugane.

I have a small tale to tell from when I was redoing the battle scenes. When I was acting out the movements in real life, I accidentally knocked over a cup full of cafe au lait with my left hand. I almost cried when the coffee-colored liquid sprayed everywhere. Though my bed was slightly stained, it was not a large patch, and the manuscript was unharmed, so I guess it was not that bad. If any of you readers are interested, you can try looking for the scene where I spilled my cafe au lait.

It is the scene which smells of milk.

Amidst all of these trials and tribulations was born Overlord 2: Warrior of Darkness. I would be glad if you enjoyed it.

I trust you can recommend this story to those people who are tired of the cliche of saving the damsel in distress. Since men and women are equal, then saving a male character should be fine, right? Although the protagonist always thinks of his own gain in everything he does, it would please me if you enjoyed a character like him who is motivated by self-interest.

Then, I will express my thanks next.

First, thank you to So-bin-sama, who drew the beautiful illustration for this book as well. The final product was more exciting than I imagined, and thanks to the art, I redid some of the battle scenes.

Thank you to Chord Design Studio, who once again helped me to produce an exquisite book cover and binding. I’m also very grateful to Ohaku-sama, who helped proofread some of the more difficult parts to understand. Thank you for this time as well, Editor F-Da-sama, I know I’ve caused a lot of trouble for you. Please add a little more red for me! No, I know it’s better not to have it…

Also, to my university friend Honey — thanks for this time too.

And last but not least, to the gentle readers who bought this book, as well as the online friends who gave their feedback while the webnovel was still running, thank you very much. Your remarks have always been a source of motivation for me.

Then, the next volume… it should be easier than this one… do I have to read it again? I don’t really want to…

No, as an author, I can do it for the sake of producing an interesting work… oh, that’s enough of my mumbling. It’s about time I bade you all farewell.

fin Overlord Light Novel, Chapter 14 Volume 2